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"I've been a professional boat and automotive detailer for 25 years. I work on some of the most expensive boats and cars in West Florida. I have tried every product out there with mixed results. When I found Terry and the Island Girl Products this last summer, I was a bit skeptical of what the results would be... especially since I've heard it all before. All I can say is that they work as advertised on both boats and my customers expensive cars (especially black cars) and I can recommend them to anyone. Yes, they are a little expensive, but if you want long lasting superior results you should try it for yourself."               Gary Stamey Gulfport Florida

Guys, I have been personally using Island Girl for close to five years now and it is a product that comes along once in a while and you know you have quality.  The Mirror Hard Super Glaze goes on easy, comes off easy and produces amazing results.  Your friends will think you have worked long hours as products in the past required you to do so. It stays looking good for many months.  My personal experience is it lasts at least 6 months on all the finishes that I applied it too.  However, I personally recommend you reapply it right at the four month mark, especially in a salt climate Also, knowing you can deal with Terry Hudson, who cares about your happiness makes it all worth while.  Thank you Terry for your help on getting me these great products. 


Lou M
Siesta Key, FL.

I finished my 20 year old boat yesterday-it looks fantastic!! I couldn't be happier.  I took these pictures after I used some of the Sea Glow sample you sent- what a dramatic difference-you can see how chalky the old side is. Now the boat looks almost like new. And I had just about given up on getting it shiny ever again-I have tried many, many, different boat polishes over the years-and NOTHING works as good.  I would be happy to recommend your system to anybody-and feel free to use these pictures any way you want.

Thank you very much,

Bruce Cummins
June 29, 2008


Hello Terry...

It's JB and I want to thank you for bringing my SeaRay 50 Express back into beautiful shape.  After it was delivered from Florida, I never thought I would ever get it looking good again.  I'm glad you were referred to me.  Even though I've never heard of Island Girl, the work you did was magical.  I amazed at how well the vinyl came out.  The diesel from the container ship had just about turned my seats black and now they are as white as new.  Thanks for a great job.

                                                                                         J Boyd

I'm happy to write and say that my Sea Ray 45 has never looked so good.  The products you used got rid of all the black marks on my deck and fiberglass. It worked as you said, and now my boat looks almost new again.  That Blue stuff (Island Girl SeaGlow) brought back all my upholstery and it is white again.  I have to admit I never thought it was dirty until you showed how your products work. Amazing.  Thank again for the great job.  
                                                                           Chuck Ollinger June 2004

Inflatable Dinghies
"...Reviewer's choice ISLAND GIRL & REG; Cleansing Lotion worked best on the hypalon inflatable (versus 8 other products) and is excellent for a multitude of other uses, such as cleaning fenders ( better then acetone we found ) and pretty much everything else." Reprinted from Longitude 122, California

ISLAND GIRL & REG; Cleansing Lotion was very effective in cleaning the chalky residue from Hypalon inflatables ( sometimes difficult in the past) and also removes the sticky surface that forms on the PVC boats. We also found ISLAND GIRLl® effective in removing yellow cast from the surface of an older white PVC inflatable. We also tried ISLAND GIRL®on a few other projects ( dirty lifelines, fenders, electrical cables) and were very happy with the results. Of the many products that we sell, ISLAND GIRL® is a standout performer"-Sharus Marine, Dana Point, CA.

Dr. Willis: Yes, I have received the IGP ordered and have already put them to use.  In a word, Fantastic!  The removal of oxidation, mildew, and soil from my dinghy by Sea Glow is nothing short of miraculous.  The process was effortless and the results breathtaking.  I have attached a photo of my results on a blue Achilles dinghy.

    Results for cleaning fenders turned black by mildew, spider poop, possible jet fuel residue, and who know what else were not quite so sterling.  A lot of elbow grease still did not remove the grown in grim.  I did try a suggestion by a fellow boater to use a hand cleaner like Go Jo, worked equally as well if not a little better because of the pumice in the cleaner.  Still a follow up coat of Sea Glow provided a whiter look. Sea Glow and the power cord were a natural fit; oxidation gone and color restored.  Surface feels soft and pliable, not rough and stiff.  Great stuff!  Your products performed as advertised, I am a satisfied customer.  John Adams New Bern, NC  May 8th, 2005 

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"We purchased new ISLAND GIRL Pink; at the San Diego Boat Show to remove paint from our Avon Dinghy. It worked like magic, just as claimed."-Loretta and Dick Ark, S.V Cowboy Hatt, San Diego, CA

"After leaving a new Thunderduck; inflatable dive boat in a wood shop to have a wood flooring job done, we were dismayed to find the surface of the boat covered in sawdust imbedded in overspray from a wood finishing product. Island Girl PINKCleansing Lotion came to the rescue and removed this sticky mess from the surface of the KP14 heavy duty vinyl hull. The renewed surface was protected from further harm by new SILKENSEAL companion product. Needless to say, we routinely use (and sell) ISLAND GIRL® in our own shop."- Randy Helms Marine, Alameda CA (Thunderstruck Distributors).

"I used SEAGLOW on my red Achilles inflatable that was badly oxidized. With a minimum of elbow grease it came up looking like new. I will now use SILKENSEAL to preserve the finish." - P. Sandlin, Chula Vista, CA.

Although the instructions are a bit hard to understand, the products (ISLAND GIRL Pink Cleansing Lotion, CRYSTAL CLEAR, SEAGLOW & SILKENSEAL) worked excellent for me on boat hulls, a Zodiac® and especially well on vinyl fenders and cushions etc. -Ron Lumstedt, Santa Cruz.

My husband and I just wanted to let you know that we love the Island
Girl-Pink product! My husband and I utilized the Island Girl-Pink product several years ago, on the used inflatable boat that we purchased. Your product made the inflatable boat look like new! Before trying Island Girl-pink, we had tried several cleanersand with disappointing results. A representative of West Marine, located in Marina Del Rey, California, highly recommended your product. Since we had not heard of the product before, we were a little wary, but decided to try it. We tried it and then loved it! The product took away all of the grime and discoloration.
We recently purchased another used inflatable boat and again wanted to utilize the Island Girl product. We have tried to find your product at West Marine-Marina del Rey, California, at West Marine-San Pedro, California, and at Boater's World-Torrance, California. No one seems to carry your product! We finally jumped on the internet to do a search and we found your website.I will be placing an order as soon as I am finished with this e-mail.
James & Jocelyn Pickard, CA, June 2001

[A reply was sent stating that ISLAND GIRL Inflatable restoration kits were now available at California Boat/US Stores]

"...I am pleased to inform you that we have now obtained some test restult on your Sea Glow sample. The sea glow was applied to two Hypalon coatings that had been produced using pigments of known poor UV stability (that we not use in our production). The fabric samples were left continuously exposed at a UK lo ation for a period of 21 months. The untreated samples showed a large loss of color, whereas the treated amples were almost unaffected. Our tests have shown that Sea Glow should give a significant level of protection against fading and we would therefore like to encourage its use.

Kind Regards
Ian Shaw, Technical Sales Director, Coated Fabrics Division,
Chiorino UK Ltd, Gildersome, Leeds, England.

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Hard Plastics, Vinyl Objects, Upholstery
"..ISLAND GIRL® Cleansing Lotion was applied to the oxidized surface of a computer monitor that had been exposed to the sun for some years. After a few minutes, the oxidation could be removed by a quick wipe with a paper towel. We know of no other product that can remove oxidation without the use of abrasives and much rubbing. SEA GLOW ; also cleaned and whitened the vinyl of an old shop-display fender. "-Down Wind Marine, San Diego, CA, 

" The second story concerns with a sales visit by a company representative of a large, well known corporation that manufactures cleaners. I did a side by side comparison of their product against ISLAND GIRL® (vinyl, gelcoat etc..) The rep left in a very disappointed state."

"..I had been seeking a cure for a difficult cleaning program, i.e removal of a sticky kerosene residue from the surface of my balloon-type red fenders. I had tried acetone, MEK and a number of other cleaners with no success. ISLAND GIRL® removed the residue and left a clean, new-looking surface with very little effort. Needless to add, I'm sold on the product." - L. David Newgan, S.V Orea, San Diego, CA.

"We now use SEA GLOW and ISLAND GIRL Pink in our boat detailing business, since we can now save time and yet produces dramatic results.- QC Services, Newport beach, CA.

ISLAND GIRL Pink; Cleansing Lotion produces dramatic results by removing chalk and airborne oily grime. Island Girl® products are unique in removing the sun damage from vinyl upholstery. Effects of the new SEA GLOW are so dramatic that the white vinyl fenders cleaned by any other method still dirty by comparison" Linda Heisig Delta Yacht Care, Stockton, CA.

"I was amazed at how SEA GLOW rejuvenated the oxidized white and blue webbing on my outdoor chaise lounge." - Steve Thompson, Redwood City, CA.

"I used ISLAND GIRL Pink to restore a badly discolored vinyl seat cushion on which no other vinyl cleaner had been effective." - Art Kempton, Clearwater, FL, 

"I am writing to tell you about a recent satisfying experience with two of your products. While washing down my boat after a fishing trip, a chart became wet and left a large stain on a white seat cushion, that could not be removed by any of the many cleaning products that I have collected in my lock box. I then used your SEA GLOW that totally removed the stain. I then sealed the surface against further staining by use of your SILKENSEAL product. I was sufficiently impressed to inquire about becoming a local representative for your products. - William Johns, Bradenton FL. 

"I am writing to say how satisfied I am about the products and customer service of the ISLAND GIRL®Company. I had purchased Island Girl PINK from a local TAP plastics store and used it to remove the yellow oxidation from the rear window of my ten year old convertible car but was I was still not satisfied by the clarity of the plastic. Dr. Willis, the owner of Island Girl Products met with me on a weekend and demonstrated to me that although the oxidation was now gone completely, it had (like rust on metal) left surface pitting. We removed the worst of the roughness with some rubbing compound and then applied CLEAR HORIZONS to fill in minor imperfections and provide a clear and slick surface. While not "as new", the useful life of the window has been extended for some considerable time. I was informed that use of CLEAR HORIZONS on the window, when new, would have greatly delayed the onset of deterioration. - Vincent G. Boston, San Francisco CA, 

Over the past 3 years a white plastic compass cover on my boat had turned more and more yellow. I tried everything I could think of to clean it. I was about to purchase a new cover, when I saw your products demonstrated at the Marina del Rey Boat Show. Your SEA GLOW product removed the oxidation and completely restored the original white color. the finish was sealed by SILKENSEAL. The cost of the products were covered by only its first use! -Dave Kull Marina del Rey, 

I used the ISLAND GIRL® sytem (ISLAND GIRL Pink, SEA GLOW and SILKENSEAL bought at Al's Marine and RV in Redwood City) to restore the clear vinyl ("Isinglass") of my dodger that was becoming yellowed and also to restore and protect my vinyl upholstery and fenders. The results were great! -Kathyryn Leavitt 

When our municipally-owned marina was refurbished about 2 years ago, they had intended to replace all of the white vinyl rub-rail on the docks. We demonstrated to them that if not actually cracked, the rub-rails could be restored virtually "as new" by mild scuffing with SEA GLOW. Those treated rub-rails have still remained white and supple in all this time. The council was saved a lot of money and we were glad of their business through sale of the product! Vince Macaluso, Owner, Veejay Marine, Pittsburgh, CA, Feb 2000.

I used ISLAND GIRL Pink to remove tape residue from a Plexiglass model of the Power 43 Lagoon at the Pacific Sail Expo, then CLEAR HORIZONS to shine it up like new. Linda Gustas, Marketing Manager, The Catamaran Company, Ft. Lauderdale FL, Annapolis MD, Newport, CA April 2001

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Fiberglass Gelcoat NOW INCLUDES NON-SKID, RVs, LPU painted surfaces, anodized metal.
"I applied Island Girl's SEA GLOW in an even coat by wiping it on a paper towel and letting it dry. The results were amazing. the gelcoat glows with a deep luminescence that it has never had and the brilliant shine is amazing." Mike O' Brian, Windsor, CA 95492, 

" The main reason that many of our customers bought the product was for use on nonskid decks. Our customers stated that ISLAND GIRL® removed the chalk and grime where nothing else had worked." Al's Marine and RV, Redwood City, CA, March, 
"I used ISLAND GIRL Pink to take off old surf wax on the (non-skid) deck of my boat. I was surprised how easily it came off and the deck looks new again."-Keoni Cuccia, Ojai, CA, 

"I restored two badly oxidized boats, using Island Girl SEA GLOW, finishing with sealant (SilkenSeal on the second boat). The first boat was a 13 year old Aquasport Center Console that was white with a blue stripe. The second was a 33 ft Tiara that was white with a black stripe. On the second boat, there was one area that we had to first prep with ammonia to remove what may have been an old area of acrylic sealant. Use of SEA GLOW removed the chalk and restored depth and brightness, essentially as new. The upholstery also came up beautifully." - Bill Black, Naples FL, 

We tried 2-3 types of paint remover products to remove old boat lettering from gelcoat. When these did not work, we pulled out our bottle of ISLAND GIRL® (Pink) and with a little elbow grease we were able to get the old paint off. -Cathy Benson, June, 1998 (Marina del Rey Boat Show).

"Your products have returned by 1989 28 foot Bayliner to looking brand new again. I am very pleased with the results and will recommend ISLAND GIRL products to my boating friends." - Richard Waligaska, Punta Gorda FL, 

The toe rail on my Pearson 303 is teak and I like to use Cetol® (trademark of Sikkens Inc.) on it. The problem is that I had to be very careful because Cetol® would stain my fiberglass gelcoat. I found that by using a thin coat of ISLAND GIRL Pink on the gelcoat before I brushed on Cetol®. I could simply wipe off the excess & drips. This saved me hours of painstaking masking or careful brushing. [ Note: this is a new customer-developed use. Hawaiian BLUE MASKING GEL, soon to become available again, would similarly protect the gelcoat without removing the waxed finish.] -Chuck Jones Henderson NV Pearson 303 Aeolus II Lake Mead, NV

WOW!... I just bought the CRYSTAL CLEAR and the SIMPLY BRILLIANT Superwax at the Oakland PACIFIC SAIL EXPO and tried the stuff on my badly oxidized "black" gelcoat. I couldn't believe what I saw so I had to make pictures to send you (attached). I have used everything (3M, Starbright, Turtle Wax etc.) on this black gelcoat and nothing has worked. - a lot of labor for little results. Your products have made a believer out of me! I want to order again after I use up these bottles. -Mike Selman Santa Cruz, 

I have a 1981 Glastron Carlson with a red metal-flake gel gelcoat. The finish was unbelievably oxidized. I tried many different products to bring out the colors. These products seemed to make the finish worse. I have spent many dollars and countless hours on these products. I saw your product line advertized on the WEB and decided to give it a try before giving up. I started with the SEA GLOW and got instant results with very little effort, just as you advertize. The next day, I finished with the SIMPLY BRILLIANT Superwax to seal my new brilliant finish. I was completely finished with my 17ft boat in under one hour total. No words can express my delight with the results I received from your product. Its like having a brand new boat! Thank You. -Mike Orther San Marcos, California, 

My boat is an old (1976) white trailerable sailboat. The gelcoat was very dry and chalky. SEA GLOW stopped the dryness- the boat just drank it up! I then applied your SIMPLY BRILLIANT wax/sealer combo and it has made the boat look like new. I really like the easy way the ISLAND GIRL Products applied. I treated the whole boat, including topsides with SEA GLOW in one and a half hours. The Superwax application took another hour. Thanks again and thanks too for all the telephone support. -John E. Johnson Cloverdale, CA, 
* P.S. I also like the ISLAND GIRL Pink, It cleaned up the inside of my boat and makes it smell great.

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Finally, a product that lives up to its advertizing! The whitening power of your SEA GLOW is amazing. What's even more amazing is that my boat seems to be getting whiter with time. -David Aucella 1987 Catalina 34 "Samantha Jean". CA, June 1999

About 13 months ago, I began using SEA GLOW as instructed to remove the chalk and restore the shine and then sprayed on SILKENSEAL to seal the surface prior to waxing. Now I routinely use SEA GLOW and SILKENSEAL to shine up the surface from time to time. The results have been very satisfying and the finish is getting better with time. Unlike a water based acrylic sealant I have used, the finish is not streaky and it is easy to maintain a shine.
G. Ernest Rodriguez, Punta Gorda, FL Feb 2000.

Thanks to the ISLAND GIRL system, my 20-year old gelcoat now looks as new with very little work. I used Island Girl CLEAR Cleanser/Conditioner, with both SIMPLY BRILLIANT Superwax and SILKENSEAL as sealants. Your other kit products also worked just as advertized on my dorade vents, portlights etc.Mike Cardwell, Sacramento CA, Jan 2000.

Just wanted to let you know how GREAT your product is. I have a 28' Motorhome with a gelcoat finish and lots of plastic trim that had some
nasty stains that I could not remove no matter what I tried. Well your
product did the job so easily that I am amazed. I had bright orange rust stains underf the water inlet, gasoline crud from overfilling, and a rubber mark where a loose tire hit the side of the rig. Your products removed every one of those stains with almost no effort. I also have a lot of plastic trim that was very dirty and yellowed. Again, your stuff removed all the grime and dirt and returned the color to a bright white. I plan to tell everyone about your products. Thanks for making life a little easier.
Brian Bardsley, Forest Grove, OR, July 2000.

I've used SIMPLY BRILLIANT and it's the best, please email me when your stock is back to normal. Thanks, Mike Johnson, Indianapolis, IN, July, 2000

We have an older motorhome[1990 Pace Arrow], with a very badly oxidized gelcoat on both sides, or I should say did have. I have used everything on the market, including compounds with machine buffers, and there is nothing to compare with your products for ease of use and shine. Once over with Crystal Clear and then with SilkenSeal, and it appears to look as if it was sprayed with a clear coat. Thank you for a product that works as advertised
Don Staples, Bellevue, OH, August 2002

I have a white hull with a dark green strake - both were moderately/heavily oxidized and the white gelcoat was heavily stained with black streaks. I used the Sea Glow cleaner/restorer (twice around the whole boat), and followed up with the Superwax. Application was easy (my 10 year old helped out), and the results are excellent. I started out with one of the worst looking hulls at the club, and ended up with grea color and great shine. I'm not sure on the durability of the wax yet, but my initial impression is very good. The only problem that I have is that a lot of small flyinginsects got stuck to the wax before it dryed and I have to rub them out.
Review of Island Girl cleaners posted 04/30/2001 On by the owner of a 1979 O'Day 2home port New York.

I want to thank you for the wonderful new finish on my 1969 Acadian yawl. I applied the SEA GLOW to the original chalky gel coat and followed with SIMPLY BRILLIANT Superwax. My boat hull now has a beautiful mirror like finish. Your products delivered results way beyond my expectations. At one time I thought the only hope for a shiny finish was a paint job until I discovered your products. The BOAT U.S. store in Toledo, Ohio is "missing the boat" by not stocking your products. My guess is they could free up an entire aisle currently occupied by nearly useless ( by comparison) rubbing compounds, waxes and "restorers" if they carried your products.
John Mull, Toledo, OH May 2001

"...When I applied the first coat of Simply Brilliant, the paper towel dragged along. I had to take time to let the product flow on at it's own rate. When done, it looked great. The second coat went on easily and quickly AND NO BUFFING OR ANYTHING. Product dried clear and "Brilliant." I'm thinking of putting on a 3rd coat before launch. After a week, there was a collection of pollen over everything; but, it didn't stick to the Simply Brilliant wax. A quick toweling and the pollen came right off.
........The Clear Horizons definately made the lexan forward hatch look
100% better. A quick wipe on and the micro scratches seemed to disappear..."
Excerpted from Review of Island Girl cleaners posted 05/16/2001 on by the owner of a 12 year old Catalina 25, homee port Chesapeake Bay.

My boat's non-skid was updated when I purchased it last year. The non-skid was painted grey with two part Awlgrip to make the boat look more current. Just like regular non-skid, it was difficult to keep clean and waxing and other alternatives (303 made it too slippery) were failures. Recently I cleaned the grey Awlgrip non-skid with "straight" Island Girl Pink and it came back to the original color. The embedded dirt and chemical discoloring were readily removed with a minimum of manual effort. I then sealed the Awlgrip painted non-skid with Island Girl Non-Skid Sealant. It produced a tough lusterous finish that repels water, dirt, and other pollutants. In fact, it still retained the non-skid qualities and looked good-simply amazing. I'm very impressed with Dr. Willis' entire suite of products, and even more impressed by the ease of application versus being chained to my venerable polishing wheel. Try it, it really works! [Ed:: THIS WAS TWO- PART PAINT (with catalyst) . DO NOT USE UNDILUTED IG PINK ON SINGLE PART PAINT UNLESS FOLLOWING PRECAUTIONS GIVEN IN ONLINE INSTRUCTION BOOK- ALW]
Review of Island Girl Cleaner Kits posted 10/30/2001 on www.Sailboatowners. com by the owner of a 1993 Hunter 23.5, home port Mobile Bay, Alabama.

Well, I always used to believe what my Grandfather told me when I was growing up, "if it sounds too good to be true, it is!" I just found the first real exception to that bit of wisdom. I just finished rinsing the deck of Carolina and I can't tell you how pleased I am with the new non-skid sealant I applied several days ago. I live in the Inner Harbor in Baltimore and the deck of every boat here is always covered with heavy dust, dirt and sugar dust, from the Dominos sugar plant, within 2 or 3 days of washing the boat. In the past I've always reluctant to just rinse the deck off because it tended to turn the "sugar dust" into a hard "sugar glaze". It might be nice on a creme brule but I hated having to scrub it off the deck every few weeks. With the new non-skid sealant on the deck it prevents anything from sticking to the deck. The water beads more than it ever did, even when Carolina was brand new or newly waxed (not the non-skid of course). The deck also feels even more non-skid" now. Is that possible? Needless to say, I'm a very happy Captain. Every Island Girl product I've tried has performed equal to or better than promised. I was looking for more storage space on board and I think I just found it. All the rest of our cleaning supplies are being donated to the trash heap and that's going to open an entire locker for other, really good things, like more wine. Thanks for making a product that does what it claims. I'll be using Island Girl from now on and as long as we own "Carolina". Mike Pilolla s/v Carolina Nov 2001. Review of Island Girl Cleaners 11/17/2001 on by the owner of a 2000 Hunter 450, home port Chesapeake Bay, Mid-Atlantic.

I first learned of Island Girl products on an e-mail list. They were talking about how well these products worked to bring back the finish on inflatable boats. I looked up the web site and was impressed with how effortlessly these products seemed to work. I e-mailed Dr. Willis and asked him if there was a product for painted boats. He was working on such a product, although not ready for release. I kept insisting that I could beta test this as my newly purchased boat was Imron painted 3 years ago and has dulled due to the inattention and the brutal Texas sun. Long story short, Jim sent a first batch. It worked great, but took a long time to dry. Then Jim sent the final product, which worked a miracle on the boat! It took less than one pint to do this 33 foot boat (two thin coats on one day). We wiped it on with a white paper towel and wiped it off excess with a micro fiber towel. All the old oxidation came off and left a shiny surface behind. Jim's products do work as advertised. I've used his gel coat product on a dingy old dock locker and couldn't believe how easily it was transformed into a like new box! I can't say enough, or recommend Island Girl products more highly. Its great to find a company that delivers what it advertises and has outstanding customer service to boot.(Photos available on request). Jeff Barfett, Fairview TX Nov 2001 Morgan Out Island Pilot House

I have a 13 year old bass boat and purchased your "Simply Brilliant" super wax to try and bring back some of the gelcoats shine.It has a metal flake gelcoat,like many bass boats and the sun has not been good to it over the years. I have tried several different waxes and polishes to use on the boat. I have to say that your product is BY FAR the best product I have ever used.The boat actually looks like showroom condition (and I am not exaggerating). Thank you for distributing a product that actually does what the manufacturer claims. Have a great holiday.
Joseph Inzalaco
Castaic CA, Dec 2001

I'm restoring a 20 year old boat that has been sitting in a backyard for the last 6 years, open and unattended. I used the IG Pink and the SuperGlaze (free sample that came with the kit I purchased) and it worked great on my anodized (black) aluminum mast and boom. People thought I bought them new after I used these products. The best part was they were easy and fast to use. Anthony Willis at IG is unbelievably helpful and takes the time make sure you get what you need.
Review of Island Girl Cleaner Kits posted Feb 5th 2002 on by the owner of a 1979 Victoria (McVay) Victoria 18, home port Cheapeake Bay/Patuxent River.

I just used the non-slip sealant. It is great! We did a couple of boats with 3 bottles of the sealant. The water beads off them and the dirt runs off with the water- no scubbing! Most impressive -it actually improved the nonslip traction on the deck. I did just what you suggested. A good cleaning with the IG Pink, a serious hose down with plain water, drying, and then I put the nonslip sealant on. However, I applied it with white terrycloth towelling. I kept the towelling wet with the sealant and rubbed it into the deck. It dried almost as I was putting it on. It looks great and is very "nonslip". A great product.
RW Boat Detailer
Florida, March 17th, 2002.

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I have used your products, Pink, Superglaze, and the others whose names escape me at this moment. They are, utterly, FANTASTIC! These products were used on a 1977 Catalina 27, that was, to say the least, neglected. Your products cleaned, restored and made brand new looking, an ugly duckling. Everyone in our marina has been asking where they may purchase this miracle. I pointed them in your direction, so look for more customers from Central New York. That includes me, of course. Great stuff!!! With best regards Charlie and Ann Roman aboard ROMANCE.
May 2002 (re-order) New York, NY

The only product that I'm familiar enough with to recommend, is Island Girl Pink...and I love it! I have spilled varnish, paint, caulking and other stuff that the Pink helps take off. I would recommend (and do) it to anyone. Instructions are clear enough for anyone. I have also used the Blue, which I also liked, but I think, perhaps you have discontinued it? [Ed: NOT discontinued! This is SEA GLOW, one of our best selling products]. Good luck and keep up the good work.
Sincerely, A satisfied customer,
Allen Freeman

I received my shipment last week and have treated (Cleansed/Sealed/Waxed) my 18 year old O'Day 26 over the weekend. I am simply amazed at the results! The boat looks brand new and has attracted significant attention from others who were
buffing/waxing/compounding their hulls in the same yard. The dark blue strake and waterline stripes are vibrant with no oxidation showing and the white hull shines like a mirror. Again - I really can't believe the results. Many thanks for a product that does as advertised and then some! Review of Island Girl Cleaner Kits on Posted 04/15/2002 on www. by the owner of a 1984 O'Day 26, home port Massachusetts.

I had dealt with the chalkiness and occasional streaks and marks last year with 3M Restorer and Wax and a random orbital polisher. The results were initially pretty good -- the chalkiness was noticeably reduced and the hull looked cleaner -- but it wasn't great, it was a lot of work, and didn't last the season. By August, things were pretty much back where they started. This year, a friend recommended trying the Island Girl system to restore the gel coat. I checked out their web site and looked over their discussion forum on, and decided to give it a try....... The results were absolutely amazing, beyond my wildest expectation. My hull literally looks brand new. Bright shine, spotless surface, and a depth to the gel coat that's stunning. I had people at the marina coming over all day to look her over, equally amazed as I was. If it has the longevity Dr. Willis promotes, I'm going to be one delighted guy Now, it's not effortless. The conditioning phase requires time and multiple trips up and down a stepladder, and is a bit messy. The sealing and waxing steps are easy, but still require you to keep moving around and up and down. Still, it seemed like a whole lot less work than using a polisher, and the results are in another league. One thing else: although I bought doubles of all the materials, I ended up using half a bottle of conditioner, maybe a quarter of a bottle of the sealant, and a third of a bottle of the wax. No problem, though, as my extras were quickly bought by the fellow with the neighboring boat.
Matt Boulton
C36 #843 Andelain
Groton CT, 

My wife and I cleaned and waxed our 36 foot sailboat a couple of weeks ago. The project took almost 2 full days. The boat was built in 1980 . We bought it in 1984 and had no idea what care the previous owner had given it. We tried many cleaner and wax products over the years, but were never satisfied with the results of our labor. So this is the reason for taking the two days and over a half dozen rolls of paper towels! We wanted to make sure that the boat was thoroughly prepared before waxing. The thin coat of wax didn't quite look right. So I took the microfiber cloth and used it as directed. My wife says that you should call it the miracle cloth. The shine was very smooth and even.
Sincerely, Carl Steele
Atlantic City, New Jersey

Hi! I ordered Island Girl's Super Deluxe kit. The products worked wonderfully well and the boat (Catalina 22) looks wonderful. Great product- I will order again!
Ken Buzbee, Mentor, OH, 

I having been using Island Girls' products for the last 2 years on my 4 year old Catalina. I always get comments that it still looks brand new. I thought Superwax (Simply Brilliant) was good; Jim's new product, Superglaze is a 100% better. Two seasons ago I used IG Pink to remove the old wax and dirt, then used Sea Glow to remove any remaining dirt and stains (also used SG to remove the dealer decals which exposed the original gelcoat color). The Sea Glow restored the surrounding gelcoat to within a shade of the original white color. I wonder what would happened if I left it on longer. Since it was a fairly new boat I applied two THIN coats of the Simply Brilliant Superwax, skipping the Silkenseal step. However my buddies with older boats says that Silkenseal is necessary on boats with porous gelcoat. By the way all, my neighbors on my end of the dock are now using IG and are experimenting with ways to use IG products. I have had good results with the Superwax. However, I would get black streaks from airplane exhaust and other air pollutants. These streaks would appear everywhere I had runoff although with Superwax it was not as bad. I would simple remove the black streaks with diluted spray bottle of Pink and some scrubbing. This would remove most of the streaks. A year later the fiberglass was still shiny, so I just used some diluted Pink on most of the surface and full strength with an "000" pad on the stubborn stains. Then got out the old roll of paper towels and applied a single coat of the Superglaze. Superglaze is amazing stuff. Not only is it shiny, water beads up and rolls off like it was a mirror. This is the only way I can describe it. Now I only get black streak run-off under the dodger - nowhere else, and it is so easy to remove the streaks by using highly diluted Pink (a very pale color) and a microfiber cloth. Another exciting
benefit is how easy it is to remove the bird dropping stains: simply hose off. It has been four months now and still looks great: no deterioration in the protection and it still beads up. To shine it up, I just simple wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth.
Duane Maher
Review of Island Girl Cleaner Kits posted 07/24/2002 on by the owner of a 1999 Catalina C380, home port Chesapeake.

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The Super Glaze [MIRROR HARD Superglaze] is fantastic. I've had it on the topsides and hull since May and it has really done the job. Water beads on it, it has a mirror-like reflection and is very easy to clean. So far, no black streaks. In Baltimore that's unheard of because of the Dominos sugar factory near by. The filmy glaze still builds up over a week or so, but now all I need do to remove it is to hose the deck down, wipe it with a synthetic fiber mop and rinse. No more scrubbing! Not only has it helped Carolina continue to look new, it's made her easier to clean. Thanks for the product Jim. It does everything you said it would and more. It makes cleaning the decks so much easier.
Review of Island Girl Cleaner Kits posted 07/25/2002 on by the owner of a 2000 Hunter 450, home port Chesapeake Bay, MD.

I was very pleased with these products. They were easy to apply. The non-skid sealant has held up well through a hot summer and greatly improves the non-skid qualities of the deck areas where applied. It has also improved the appearance of the deck areas where applied. I'd recommend these products to others.
Review of Island Girl Cleaner Kits posted 07/26/2002 on by the owner of a 1984 Macgregor 25, home port Virginia.

Greetings from the great state of Texas.
I just purchased a 1999 motorhome that had been "professionally" polished prior to delivery. However, wiping on a small spot of SIMPLY BRILLIANT Superwax (with no previous surface prep at all) made the rest of the rig look terrible by comparison.. I then grabbed my paper towel and waxed the whole 36 foot rig in about 2 hours. Using some of your other products, I even brightened up all the plastic trim. I can't tell you how nice it is to find a product that does everything it claims and then some. Great stuff. You have a customer for life!.
Thank you.
Brian Bardsley, 

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the Island Girl's Mirror Hard Superglaze product. I have a classic motorsailer that was professionally painted in Imron about 3 years ago. The Imron paint is great, but doesn't keep its gloss in the intense Texas heat we have for 5-6 months a year. I've tried a number of different waxes and other products which provided a great gloss (after a LOT of work), but the shine never lasted more than 3-4 months. That was a LOT of work 3-4 times a year!
I purchased and applied Island Girl's Superglaze product last July. The application was the easiest of any product to date, wash the boat and apply the Superglaze with a paper towel. Gloss was as good as any other product I've used. I proceeded to apply a second coat and accomplished both in less than 4 hours! I was a little skeptical whether this would last any longer than the waxes and other products I've tried as the application was just too easy. Long story short, this is July, a year later, the gloss has held up! The hull color is cream with a 10" dark green stripe around the gunwale. The shine and water shedding properties on the cream color is as good as last July. The green stripe is a little less, but you should feel how hot this area gets after it has been in the sun all day! I'll give the green stripe a maintenance coat next month, but will let the hull go for another year and see what it looks like then.
I have to tell you that this finish has held up well. It makes cleaning the boat relatively easy, even the spider dropping clean off easily. Stubborn water marks from run off are a thing of the past also. I have been experimenting with the rest of Island Girl's product line since I had bought a whole kit. I have to say, everything works as advertised! I am very satisfied with both the products and the person to person customer service (rare in a company these days).
Regards, Jeff Barfett
Review of Island Girl Cleaner Kits posted 08/08/2002 on by the owner of a Morgan IO33 Pilothouse Motorsailer, home port in Texas Gulf Coast.

Here are the pictures of the teal green boat that I did with your Island Girl products. It is an amazing differenece. I am very excited about using your line of Island Girl Products. In 13 years of compounding and waxing boats with traditionals compound and high speed buffers, I have never seen anything do a job like I have with Island Girl. I am truly amazed and so is anyone I show the results to.
Anne Miller
Above The Waterline Yacht Detailing & Maintenance
Annapolis, MD, 

You might remember me as the guy who waxed one side of the boat with 3M and did the other with the IG system. Well it's been 5 plus months and the jury has come in. The IG side of the boat looks like it did the day I did the application. Water still beads up and the side looks great. On the 3M side, the water still beads a bit in the mid-section and stern but at the bow, the water simply sheets away as if no wax was ever applied. As for other sections of the boat that I used IG. The cockpit, under the dodger was always prone to mildew growing on the fiberglass. That didn't happen this year. All things being equal, the guess is the IG sealed the fiberglass better preventing moisture from penetrating the pores in the gelcoat. I'm a happy camper (sailor)! "
David Johndrow, 1982 Hunter, Bristol CT, Sept 2002
In reply to my question about "which side got the most sun" Mr Johndrow stated that the IG side actually had more sun exposure so it really is a more than fair test. I am hoping to get some photos of this boat. Perhaps this is an answer to those who who think that such conventional products work "just as well".

We have used your products and what an amazing outcome. The boat we used the Sea Glow and Simply Brilliant on had been sitting out in the sun in AZ for over a year. I was turned onto your products by my brother who used them on this same boat a couple years earlier. The results and the color restoration were amazing and the boat looks incredible. I have used compounds before and have experienced the amount of effort it takes. This was so easy and I didn't need a bag of ice for my elbows afterwards.Your products are great. Bryan Spletstoser, Scottsdale AZ Oct 2002

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Clothing, Autos and General Household Uses
One of our tasks is maintaining patio furniture for a large number of apartments. Last year we had purchased ISLAND GIRL Pink at the San Pedro West Marine Store where it was highly recommended. It did a fantastic job on the webbing of the patio furniture, although it had to be allowed to soak for a few minutes. This year, the store was out of stock so we special ordered Island Girl CRYSTAL CLEAR because of the vinyl preservatives that are present. We finished off with the new SILKENSEAL that forms a weatherproof barrier. We have tried all other cleaners carried by Hardware stores and West Marine but nothing else works like the products from ISLAND GIRL®. -Steve Zarragoza Golden State Maintenance Los Angeles. CA, 

I found that ISLAND GIRL Pink Cleansing Lotion solved two very difficult problems:
a) My new car had a yellow blotch on the paintwork that was of unknown origin and I did not want to use rubbing compound on the new clear-coat finish. Gentle application of non-abrasive ISLAND GIRL Pink using white paper towel and then minimal rubbing, transferred the yellow stain to the towel, with no sign that the paintwork had been adversely affected. After water rinsing and application of a little wax, the area that had been treated was indistinguishable from the surrounding area. b) The printed lettering from plastic bread packaging had transferred to the formica kitchen counter top. Again, use of ISLAND GIRL Pink Cleansing Lotion in the recommended fashion (application and rubbing with paper towel, then water rinsing) totally removed the stain. -Tony Clark Van Nuys CA, July, 1997

".. ISLAND GIRL Pink Cleansing Lotion . was able to remove Sikaflex® that had got on my yellow West Marine foul weather top 8 months before. I now plan on taking a bottle with me while cruising in the South Pacific."-Paul Hale Alameda, CA.

"You may remember that I came upon your booth at the IMTEC show in Chicago and listened to the presentation of your product. I asked if your product could remove an oil stain on my pants. Not only did your product (ISLAND GIRL Pink ) remove the stain but left no water mark or sign that the stain had ever been there. Your product is one of the best products that I have seen in a long time and I have tried them all."-Capt. W.H Lee, Calimesa CA 93320

"This product (ISLAND GIRL Pink) is Amazing! It removed black 5200 adhesive sealant from both the cloth and vinyl upholstery of my truck. Although the sealant had been on the upholstery for about 2 months, it was removed within just a few minutes using paper towel soaked in ISLAND GIRL Pink, followed by water rinsing. Thanks!" - Gary P. Viggiano, Chula Vista CA, 

My neighbor put a new dodger on his 36 Ft sailboat. He used a ton of duct tape over a 3 month period. He was working away on Saturday trying to remove the tape residue, complaining about a 10 day job! I loaned him my ISLAND GIRL® (Pink) - the residue wiped off with little effort. He went & bought his own bottle at the local West Marine and finished the job that day. -H. Brock San Diego, CA Jan 1999

We used ISLAND GIRL® CRYSTAL CLEAR on a convertible top on my car. It had black streaks from the mechanism used to fold it out. The product worked great and now we use it all over the boat. -Bob Panacek, 

I recieved my packege and your products on my floor [Ed: white linoleum tiles that had become yellowed]. It [SEA GLOW] worked great! There still was some scrubbing involved because the yellowing was very bad in spots.
Thanks so much,
Michelle Foley
Renton, WA, April 2002


For some time now we have used ISLAND GIRL Pink Cleansing Lotion to remove marker and spray-paint graffiti from the lexan windows of our flower store in downtown San Francisco. In our experience, this is the ONLY product that can remove graffiti without damage to the underlying plastic material- and we have tried them all. B.Idzkowski, Bo's Flowers, Market Street San Francisco, CA. July 1999.

Thank you Dr. Willis on two counts: First for your prompt sending of the product since I was under a critical deadline to remove paint graffiti from lexan windows. These are in place to protect inner windows from vandalism.
Secondly, the Pink Cleansing Lotion removed the heavy green spray paint more effectively and easily than I expected . Unlike other products that I tried, your product did not damage the lexan.. Thanks Again.
Dennis Janocik, Louisville KY

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 "Cleaning is mandatory...a safe product such as ISLAND GIRL®Cleansing Lotion is recommended" Nathan Krantz "Inflatable Boat Safety" the San Diego Log, 

.ďIíve been using IG Products now for a number of years and Iíve been completely satisfied with the outcomes. What really was the deal breaker for me being a complete skeptic on just about everything was that I took my 1982 Hunter 33 and did one side of it with the 3Mģ product and the other with IG, At the end of the season (northeast) the water stopped beading on the 3Mģ side of the boat while the IG side was still very good. The following season I did the 3Mģ side with IG and went over the original IG side again and doing the IG side again was noticeably easier than the 3Mģ side Ė a big plus for me because I really don't like this type of work.   One other thing I noticed was that every year mold spores used to form on the gelcoat under the dodger where not a lot of sun hit.  Using the IG System, that didnít happen. Again being the skeptic that I am I contacted IG and Dr. Willis told me that the product was a gelcoat sealer and prevented moisture from getting in the pores of the gel coat, which is where the mold grew. I donít know if thatís the case but I donít have mold spots anymore. One last thing - I got a complement on the boat the other day. They said that the hull looked great for a 23-year-old boat. That says it all.  I donít work for and this is not a paid announcement for IG. Just a satisfied consumer.  - Dave Johndrow, 1982 Hunter, Bristol CT, September 30, 2005
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