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 Island Girl Pink Cleansing Lotion

Our multipurpose and safe remover/cleanser. It has unparalleled versatility and can be used either with or without water dilution (depending upon purpose). Removes spills from sealants, resins and paint, in addition to grease and grime. Use on virtually any surface, including non-skid decks, clothing, canvas and carpet. It can even remove completely cured 5200 sealant. Removes oxidation from plastics. With water dilution it replaces all "boat soaps", bilge cleaners and general detergents.

16 oz. Bottle



 Simply Brilliant Superwax

Produces a mirror finish with out buffing or need for multiple coats or special applicators. The surfacewill not crack, peel, become yellow. Unlike conventional waxes all of the applied material is used in forming the the durable synthetic wax/resin coating. Coating will protect the underlying gelcoat with a water repellant film for up to a year. Also protects stainless against rusting. The Superwax coating will prevent return of chalkiness.

12oz. Bottle



Spectacular results when used on Plasma, Projection & HDTV Screens

 Silkenseal "Plastic Skin"

Clear Horizons™ Optical Clarifier & Protectant Armor cleans and restores transparent plastics, glass windshields, aircraft acrylics, windows, mirrors and more.  Easy to apply and long-lasting on PDA's and LCD screens, CD and DVD's,  Medical equipment, Sports gear, Digital cameras, Games and MP3 players.

4oz. Bottles


New!  SeaGlow Brightens Up Yellowed Collector Shoes

 Sea Glow Cleansing Lotion and Cleaner

Restores intense whiteness to aged white plastics that have become yellowed. Non-pastel (blue red, orange, yellow etc.) colors become luminously bright. The strong fluorescing agents exert further UV protection by diverting UV energy into the harmless visible light spectrum.

16oz. Bottle



 Mirror Hard Superglaze

For NEW GELCOAT, painted surfaces, metal, chrome, sandblasted or polished metal, anodized aluminum, semi-hard plastics and more. Evolved from our SB Superwax but without the requirement for thickeness and "filling" necessary on rougher (older gelcoat) surfaces. MH Superglazes's low viscosity resin goes on as a thin weatherproof film and forms a tough shiny surface that will not crack, yellow or peel. One bottle should be enough for a do a 35 foot boat!

12oz. Bottle


 Non-Skid Sealant

Apply a coat to to clean, dry, "non-skid" gelcoat surface that has been cleaned and deoxized by ISLAND GIRL Pink™. Forms a durable, silken surface that resists penetration by water and stains, but does not reduce underfoot grip. Easier to use than any other product.

12oz. Bottle

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