LCD and Plasma displays can be damaged with glass cleaners & paper Towels!
Safely clean Plasma, LCD, & TFT displays with our uniquely formulated products.

Clear  Horizons

Screen Cleaner and Optical Clarifier

Easy to use... Superior Results

Clear Horizons™ Optical Clarifier and Protective Armor

Plasma, HDTV Screens

Medical Displays

Ideal for these products

Spectacular results when used on Plasma, Projection & HDTV Screens

Imagine a Plasma Screen So Clear, Your Friends
Would Think They Were At The Aquarium!

Plasma TV, Medical Display and Projection screens will
never look clearer when using Clear Horizons LCD screen cleaner and protective armor...

Cleans and reduces static electricity on Plasma, HDTV, and Projection screens, touch screen monitors, medical displays, cell phone/PDA/LCD surfaces.  Achieve superior results on glass, windshields/windows, mirrors and aircraft/marine acrylics.  Simple to apply and long-lasting.  Unique resin formula fills tiny imperfections to minimize glare and improve optical clarity. Works great on CD and DVD's, digital cameras, games and MP3 players.  Contains no ammonia, acid or organic solvents.

Clear Horizons by Island Girl Products®
Ten Years of Exceptional Results

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*Residue free and non-streaking*
*No alcohol, ammonia, harsh detergents or volatile organic compounds*
*Removes smudging and helps reduce additional smudging*
*Superior polymer-based formula repels dust by eliminating 
build-up of static electric charge*
*Environmentally safe... Biodegradable* 
*Specialized formula improves optical clarity*

Tip!... How to clean your screen the correct way

CLEAR HORIZONS™  creates a water repellent surface that is resistant to abrasion, dust and finger-smudges.  Special transparent resin ingredients fill in pores and tiny scratches to virtually eliminate glare.  Clear Horizons™ also has an inherent mild cleaning action and anti-static additive leaving surfaces clean and safe.  

Excellent for use on eyeglasses, sunglasses and computer screens. Also protects new chrome, polished stainless, glazed ceramic tiles,  Corian™ and other hard surfaces.

Apply CLEAR HORIZONS™ to clean surface using soft paper tissue or one of our unique Ultra Microfiber towels.  Then buff until no visible film remains and surface becomes virtually friction-free. If desired, finish can be removed by mild detergent. 

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Unlike other glass treatments, Clear Horizons contains no ammonia, acid or organic solvents.  Proven safe for optical coatings of lenses and all plastics. Between applications, finish is easily maintained by rinsing with water, then wiping with clean cotton cloth, microfiber towel or soft paper tissue.  Safe for medical use.

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 Clear Horizons Optical Clarifier & Surface Armor

Non-abrasive and safe for lens coatings. Use on all glass and clear plastics. Unique resin- formula fills tiny imperfections to increase optical clarity and minimize glare, leaving a water and dirt resistant finish. Protects against oxidation and increases reflective brightness of chrome, polished stainless steel and glazed ceramics.  Keep one in your car, office, recreational vehicle, and home.

4oz. Bottle
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Spectacular results when used on Plasma, Projection & HDTV Screens

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 Ultra Microfiber Towels
This non-abrasive towel works great and will not harm any transparent plastic surface

This miracle cloth will out polish, out shine,
out dust, out wipe, and absorb more liquid than any other towel on the market. It's convenient 16x16 inch size is perfect for all applications.

Unlike ordinary cleaning towels that only move or push the dirt from one point to another, Microfiber actually "lifts" the dirt or stain from the surface, and then stores the dirt particles in the towel until washed.  200 plus wash cycles.
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16"x16" Blue Only $3.25 + SH 

One for the home,   one for the car,   and one for boat
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