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What Is The Best Boat Wax?

Save up to 35% in material and labor costs
when purchasing & applying The Island Girl
Boat Resoration System!

   How?  Simply switch to the longest lasting, easiest to apply and highest quality boat waxes available today! 

Have your neck and shoulder muscles been talking to you? Are you worn out from holding that heavy 10 pound polisher, after detailing your boat?  Wouldn't you feel better if you didn't have to use that big old heavy polisher?

Have you ever been disappointed 2-3 months later to see that your wax application has already started to fade and water just doesn't bead like it used to... then you have to start all over again? 

Question... What's In Your Lazerette? If you check and find more than 3 different waxes/polishes...

Then You Need To Keep Reading...

I switched products after seeing an ad claiming I could have a super brilliant finish and longer lasting result's by using Island Girl Products.  I was skeptical, but ordered anyway.  I felt that anything had to be better than any of the big three over-the-counter petroleum based products I'd been using. I finally figured out that the reason they don't hold up is due to the sun baking the oil right out them... in about 90 days.

My Sailboat... Osprey

You're probably like me and thousands of other boaters that take pride in the way our boats look.  But, if you look at all the half empty cleaning products we've tried over the years just lying around in some compartment or lazarette, you'll identify with the point I'm making... I want to enjoy my boat and I'm tired of wasting time and money on products that don't really live up to their claims.

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I switched to Island Girl Products system of boat waxes. I liked the products so much, I even became the Caribbean distributor and started a profitable detailing business with lots of satisfied customers.  Here are just a few testimonials:

"I've been a professional boat and automotive detailer for 25 years. I work on some of the most expensive boats and cars in West Florida. I have tried every product out there with mixed results. When I found Terry and the Island Girl Products this last summer, I was a bit skeptical of what the results would be... especially since I've heard it all before. All I can say is that they work as advertised on both boats and my customers expensive cars (especially black cars) and I can recommend them to anyone. Yes, they are a little expensive, but if you want long lasting superior results you should try it for yourself."               Gary Stamey Gulfport Florida January 2013

Terry, I'm happy to write and say that my Sea Ray 45 has never looked so good.  The products you used got rid of all the black marks on my deck and fiberglass. It worked as you said, and now my boat looks almost new again.  That Blue stuff (Island Girl SeaGlow) brought back all my upholstery and it is white again.  I have to admit I never thought it was dirty until you showed how your products work. Amazing.  Thanks again for the great job.  
Chuck Ollinger June 2011

"Your products have returned by 1989 28 foot Bayliner to looking brand new again. I am very pleased with the results and will recommend ISLAND GIRL products to my boating friends." - Richard Waligaska, Punta Gorda FL, 

WOW!... I just bought the CRYSTAL CLEAR and the SIMPLY BRILLIANT Superwax at the Oakland PACIFIC SAIL EXPO and tried the stuff on my badly oxidized "black" gelcoat. I couldn't believe what I saw so I had to make pictures to send you. I have used everything (3M, Starbright, Turtle Wax etc.) on this black gelcoat and nothing has worked. - a lot of labor for little results. Your products have made a believer out of me! I want to order again after I use up these bottles. -Mike Selman Santa Cruz, 

My 22 ft Century was looking pretty tired and a friend recommended Terry. He showed me how to apply the products in an demonstration, I was really impressed. I purchaed the Island Girl Kit #2 and over one weekend, my boat looks just about as good as it did when I bought it. Gene M. Galveston, TX April 2011

Island Girl™ is not just another boat wax product!  Island Girl™ is a complete cleaning and restoration system for boats, airplanes, recreational vehicles, and automobiles.

Island Girl's™ system of boat waxes and detailing products keep new finishes looking new, and  bring old dull finishes back to a brilliant, long lasting luster... up to 12 to 14 months in the tropics and even longer in cooler climates.

Buy today, look great this weekend!

Tough to maintain vinyl upholstery, fenders, vents, and lifelines will look new again.  Bring glass and transparent plastics back to life.  Protect chrome and polished stainless from rust and the elements. Extend the life of canvas and carpet.  Boat accessories like fenders and power cords will look new again.  Environmentally friendly!  Made in the USA!!

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 Island Girl Pink Cleansing Lotion

Our multipurpose and safe remover/cleanser. It has unparalleled versatility and can be used either with or without water dilution (depending upon purpose). Removes spills from sealants, resins and paint, in addition to grease and grime. Use on virtually any surface, including non-skid decks, clothing, canvas and carpet. It can even remove completely cured 5200 sealant. Removes oxidation from plastics. With water dilution it replaces all "boat soaps", bilge cleaners and general detergents.

16oz. Bottle

Just $24.50 + S/H


 Simply Brilliant Superwax

Produces a mirror finish with out buffing or need for multiple coats or special applicators. The surface will not crack, peel, become yellow. Unlike conventional waxes all of the applied material is used in forming the the durable synthetic wax/resin coating. Coating will protect the underlying gelcoat with a water repellent film for up to a year. Also protects stainless against rusting. The Superwax coating will prevent return of chalkiness.  Achieve outstanding protection and gloss on hard surface countertop like Corian™, marble and granite.

12oz. Bottle
Enough for most 40 ft. boats

Just $74.95 + S/H



 SilkenSeal "Plastic Skin"

Stops the aging process of gelcoat, Hypalon, vinyl and related plastics. Prevents penetration of the surface by water and airborne grime. Neutralizes any stickiness of freshly cleaned older vinyl and prevents onset or return of vinyl gumminess. Stops the aging process of gelcoat, Hypalon, vinyl and related plastics. It prevents penetration of the surface by water and airborne grime.

12oz. Bottle

Just $21.95 + S/H

 Sea Glow Cleansing Lotion and Cleaner

Restores intense whiteness to aged white plastics that have become yellowed. Non-pastel (blue red, orange, yellow etc.) colors become luminously bright. The strong fluorescing agents exert further UV protection by diverting UV energy into the harmless visible light spectrum.

Click Here For Sport Shoe Cleaning Info

12oz. Bottle

Just $54.95 + S/H


 Mirror Hard Superglaze

For NEW GELCOAT, painted surfaces, metal, chrome, sandblasted or polished metal, anodized aluminum, semi-hard plastics and more. Evolved from our SB Superwax but without the requirement for thickness and "filling" necessary on rougher (older gelcoat) surfaces. MH Superglazes's low viscosity resin goes on as a thin weatherproof film and forms a tough shiny surface that will not crack, yellow or peel. One bottle should be enough for a do a 35 foot boat!

12oz. Bottle

Just $74.95 + S/H


 Neutral Clear Cleansing Lotion and Conditioner

Impregnates underlying surfaces with clear and nourishing anti-aging conditioners. Maintain elasticity of soft plastics ( vinyl, hypalon, rubber) and restore depth and shine to dark-colored gelcoat. Also prevents deterioration and discoloration of underlying material caused by UV oxidation and by growth of mildew or algae. Can be used on any color of plastic.

16oz. Bottle

Just $49.95 + S/H


 Clear Horizons Optical Clarifier & Surface Armor

Non-abrasive and safe for lens coatings. Use on all glass and clear plastics. Unique resin- formula fills tiny imperfections to increase optical clarity and minimize glare, leaving a water and dirt resistant finish. Protects against oxidation and increases reflective brightness of chrome, polished stainless steel and glazed ceramics.  Great LCD, eyeglass, iPod cleaner restorer

4oz. Bottle
Spectacular results when used on Plasma, Projection & HDTV Screens

Just $7.97 + S/H


 Non-Skid Sealant

Apply a coat to to clean, dry, "non-skid" gelcoat surface that has been cleaned and deoxidized by ISLAND GIRL Pink™. Forms a durable, silken surface that resists penetration by water and stains, but does not reduce underfoot grip. Easier to use than any other product.

12oz. Bottle

Just $44.50 + S/H

 Save 15% on Kit Prices

 Ultra Microfiber Towels

This extra thick miracle cloth will out polish, out shine, out dust, out wipe, and absorb more liquid than any other towel on the market. It's convenient 16x16 inch size is perfect for all applications.

Unlike ordinary cleaning towels that only move or push the dirt from one point to another, Microfiber actually "lifts" the dirt or stain from the surface, and then stores the dirt particles in the towel until washed.

16"x16" Blue/Green Only $3.25 + SH 

Be sure and visit our Microfiber products page


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