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Island Girl Products- Caribbean (boatdetailing.info) are the Caribbean distributor for Island Girl
 Products.  We have detailed hundreds of boats of all sizes, makes, and condition using Island Girl
 Products exclusively. If you are planning a cruise to the USVI- St. Thomas area, please call the local
phone number below and arrange for a free demo.  It's a great way to get the salt off and begin a wonderful stay in the VI's and BVI's.

ISLAND GIRL Products was founded in 1995 by Dr. Anthony L. Willis, a Ph.D. scientist of international repute. Dr. Willis obtained his degrees in London England (Royal College of Surgeons). Together with Nobel Laureate Sir John Vane, Dr. Willis made a discovery that aspirin and similar drugs prevented inflammation, pain and fever by blocking formation of hormones called "prostaglandins". He later discovered that aspirin prevented heart attacks by blocking formation of an unstable substance that he isolated and which was later identified as a special type of unstable prostaglandin. All of this work and much of his later research on atherosclerosis and heart disease involved techniques of "separation chemistry" i.e. extraction of one group of chemical substances from another. This is also the principal behind all chemical cleaning and oxidation removal techniques.

After postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University, CA, Dr. Willis worked for many years in the pharmaceutical industry, performing research and development (Eli Lilly, Roche, Syntex, Glycomed). He was, for several years, Principal Scientist at Syntex Corporation and finally Chief Scientist at a start up Biotech company. He is author or co-author of over 100 scientific publications and has edited/written several textbooks and book chapters in pharmacology/biochemistry. In 1982, his work was cited during two Nobel addresses.

In 1994, Dr.Willis took a year off and sailed single-handed to Hawaii. While working on his boat in Honolulu (1995), he devised the ISLAND GIRL® concept of user/environmentally friendly boat care "cosmetics" that do what other products cannot. This work has culminated in a product line of seven different products that together make up the "ISLAND GIRL® System" After gaining a loyal customer base in California, ISLAND GIRL® products are now beginning to become available throughout the United States. Since October, 1999, the products are being manufactured and packaged by a contract manufacturer, who can supply large amounts of product on demand.

After expending considerable effort in penetrating the retail market, Dr. & Mrs Willis have (as of October 1999) moved to Hawaii to focus on direct sales via the internet, and research, development and promotional activities .. and to do some more sailing!

During FY 2000, sales via the internet have have exceeded those via retail stores and this is just the beginning!

For Information or Demo of Island Girl Products including the New ULTRA Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Towels and Mops in the Caribbean/Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands... Contact

Terry Hudson

Contact Number: 340-998-4715

Email: islandgirlproducts@earthlink.net



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