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WHY The ISLAND GIRL® System IS BEST For Fiberglass gelcoat, 
Vinyl, Hypalon  &  MORE.

Proudly, we claim that each individual product in the system is uniquely superior to any remotely comparable product available anywhere. Plus, when two or more of these products are used together, their individual benefits "synergize" so that their combined benefit is much greater than that produced by each individual product. When one also combines versatility of these products to surfaces other than gelcoat (inflatable boats, upholstery general clean up etc) this synergism is vastly increased.  That is why our products compose an integrated "system" that is FAR superior to remotely comparable
 products alone or in combination. 

By analogy, would you not want a well integrated, multifunctional computer compared to a large collection of devices that each only have one function?  Products of other manufacturers claim to do one thing (even if the same product is packaged in cans labeled for different uses). The main rationale here is profit margin and ease of marketing: Store sales people can be unskilled and do not have to "sell" (except to take your money!). Meanwhile, the customer buys many more products than he needs. Obviously, customers, as a group are being treated as "uninformed."  
Now there is one thing less to worry about!

As seen below,  the best choice of products for your boat, RV, auto and more is now obvious.  Rest assured that the ISLAND GIRL® System (just a handful of individual products) takes care of virtually all of your needs. Introduced and refined over a 10 year period,  superiority of our products have become well known to thousands of boaters. They are renowned for their effectiveness, versatility and ease of use 
(as  seen from the many testimonials). They stand alone on a level not
 remotely approached by any other products.

Here, we are mainly focusing on gelcoat, smooth and non-skid surfaces, but with some mention of their many other uses.  ISLAND GIRL® System is guaranteed to:

  • Stop aging    Rejuvenate    Be simple, safe and fast to use    Produce superior, long lasting results    Have unrivalled cost-effectiveness
        Be backed by personalized customer service.

In more detail, the products will...

(As in medicine, prevention is always better than waiting for an attempted "cure")

  • Beginning oxidation is killed and the surface sealed off from atmospheric oxygen, UV, air pollutants and scuffing. These all contribute to deterioration of the gelcoat and other plastics.
  • Growth of mildew and algae is inhibited.
  • Suppleness is maintained (vinyl and hypalon).
  • Staining is prevented and superficial contaminants are more easily  rinsed off during cleaning and touch up of our protective sealant coatings, leaving the underlying gelcoat untouched!
  • Color fade is blocked and yellowing of gelcoat  prevented.
  • The products, though extremely effective, are also gentle in action.
  • It is therefore possible to avoid use of  harsh abrasives, acids and bleaches. that  start to "eat up" the new surface making them more susceptible to oxidation and stains. Also avoided is the careless use of machine polishers that can easily damage the stripes and corners of new gelcoat (see 3, below).

2. REJUVENATE older Gelcoat, vinyl and hypalon
(Rejuvenating and anti-weathering cosmetics for the polymeric "skin" of your boat)

  • Our unique Cleanser/Conditioners REMOVE both surface and deep down oxidation and KILL new oxidation.  They also remove many stubborn stains, such as those caused by boatyard dust,  together with associated chalky oxidation (stains are mainly localized in the pores that contain chalky broken down gelcoat). Surface gumminess and scale is removed (vinyl), while yellow oxidation is also removed (vinyl, lexan). Gelcoat is nourished to reduce brittleness and full suppleness of vinyl and hypalon is restored.
  • Our organofunctional silane and resin-based coatings restore original surface luster without need for grinding down to the bottom of scratches, pits and pores by use of abrasive sanding and compounding. You just fill up minor surface unevenness with more coats of sealant, even applied over months as the surface is touched up. The coatings never yellow crack or peel and are long lasting (as seen by up to 3 years water beading!).  [Note: The only time that we recommend use of abrasive compounding when the gelcoat surface is excessively rough and/or there is a superficial layer of faded gelcoat that needs to be removed].
  • On non-skid decks abrasives should not ever be used, because they would smooth off the tops of the non-skid "teeth" so reducing grip.
  • Where yellowing of the plastic has occurred, original snowy whiteness is restored, as is original brightness of other colors (these effects of SEA GLOW Cleanser/Conditioner™  are especially remarkable). Growth of mildew or algae is also suppressed.
  • The results of gelcoat rejuvenation by the ISLAND GIRL® System last a long time and will never result in deep-seated"greyness" of dark colors or yellowing, often seen with "wipe on" acrylic gelcoat restorers. Indeed further aging of is greatly reduced (see 1, above)
    (Just follow the step by step instructions for each surface - see video demonstrations for older smooth gelcoat, non-skid decks and vinyl, rubber etc - including vents, fenders & power cords, also inflatable boats, vinyl & leather upholstery, rubber items & vinyl convertible tops)

  • Our products are gentle to the surfaces being treated, the user, and the environment.
  • The products may be applied equally well in the water or "on the hard", upon hauling the boat.  But please choose a few warm and dry (if possible) days. Set up of the newer version of our resin coatings is now quite rapid, especially when used with our SB catalyst™. Even waves or rain splashing on incompletely set SB Superwax™ will "bead up" showing protection has occurred. Any resulting dull areas (due to rinsing  "gloss enhancer" from the surface) can be touched up on the next dry day.
  • The products can be applied by hand or machine. Lightweight "bathroom" type battery operated scrubber/polishers can be used in the water, without risk of electrocution.
  • No special skills are required (as with machine compounding). Therefore low cost help (family members!) can be employed. 


    (Using these products can actually gather a crowd!)

  • The completed result is startling - "as new"!
  • No other method can produce such long-lasting depth and shine to black or dark blue gelcoat.  Such dark-colored  gelcoat usually gets a "grey cast" due to deep-down chalky oxidation in the "pores" eaten into the gelcoat by penetrating oxidation (similar to rust on metal). Attempting to compound and polish deep enough to get rid of this grey cast will eventually expose the underlying glass fibre laminate.
  • Incredible snowy whiteness and vivid colors can also be restored.  Due to the anti-aging effects of these products (see 1) results are long lasting. The initial high gloss eventually fades a little into a classic "waxed look" that is easily maintained by routine rinsing off, and touch up.
  • On light-colored gelcoat, expect protection to last for 2 or more years without repeat of the full process. Dark-colored gelcoat is more susceptible to the heat and UV of sunlight, so that  periodic light touch up of the surface (at 6-9 month intervals) may be required to maintain depth and shine.
  • Old inflatable boats, vinyl upholstery, vinyl vents and fenders look like new again and need for periodic cleaning is greatly reduced.  All of these plastics stay virtually "as new" if treated from the beginning. 

(Sometimes you really DO get what you pay for!)

  • Our products consist of expensive to VERY expensive ingredients. However, since we sell mainly direct to retail customers or individual dealers, we can keep the price down to just a little more than inferior "grit and gasoline" based products. These have enormous profit margins for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers, while 2-4 monthly re-use is necessary, ensuring that you keep buying!
  • Most people have experienced the locker-full of such limited "single purpose" products that then degrade or dry out - yet another reason for you to keep buying replacement products!  None of these old fashioned products work as well or are as versatile as the handful of products in the ISLAND GIRL® System.  In fact, total cost of our products is usually less.
  • Our products go a long way!  For instance, a whole boat can be usually be coated with less than one bottle of our  SIMPLY BRILLIANT  Superwax™.  This is because the coating is wiped on and remains on, whereas a convential wax is applied and then most of it is buffed off again and you have to keep doing it - usually at least  twice a year!
  • Our products have a shelf life of several years and the results last for several months, even years (one reason that we need an expanding customer base to stay in business!).  Even so, the products will not sit idle, because they are very versatile. You can use remaining products of the system in different combinations to preserve and/or restore inflatable boats, upholstery, fenders, lifelines even metal. You can also use them on RVs, cars and in the home or office.
  • Cruising or ocean racing  involves ongoing maintenance and repair and the few products in ISLAND GIRL® System take up little stowage room and are non-hazardous.  For example, IG Pink™ can be used with copious water dilution to provide years of general cleaning duty (bilges, toilets, boat wash etc). However, it can also be used undiluted as a "remover" to clean up paint spills/overspray or uncured resins and glues. It can also clean up cured or uncured single part marine sealants (e.g.3M's 5200) even on delicate surfaces such as upholstery, windows, carpet or woven fabric. Best of all, this is possible without the dangerous and flammable fumes of acetone and other non-specific solvents that can damage delicate surfaces.  IG Pink™ doubles as an emergency hand cleaner and laundry/cooking utensil cleaner as well!
  • How much did you boat and accessories cost? Anthing from a few thousand to a million or more dollars. Why skimp on the products used to maintain them? 
    (Straight from the "horses mouth")

If you need advice, have ideas for a new or improved product or new uses of existing ISLAND GIRL® products, you can directly contact the inventor/owner with suggestions, queries or complaints.  That is how these products have been developed and further refined to so many different uses in different climates and conditions of use.  Try THAT with 3M!
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