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 Wax maintenance programs for your boat, yacht, airplane, RV, or fine automobile using Island Girl Products

Island Girl Products- Caribbean offers complete maintenance programs to keep your vessel in tip top shape. This program is used by thousands of boaters and each one will swear that the program has made their boat's finish appear like new!

We recommend one to two waxings per year with periodic touch-ups using Island Girl Silken Seal.   We also offer monthly maintenance programs.

For information on interior detailing, click this link


What a few Island Girl customers recently wrote:

Mike Loter, Universal City TX, May 2003, applied May 2002

Boat is still beading water 1 year after application. Shine is still
brilliant and stains are gone. Great product. Well worth the time to properly clean and shine the gelcoat finish.

Mike Loter

Craig Lewis, Athena, 2000 Mainship 390 Trawler. Dark Blue Awlgrip hull, white gelcoat topsides that was badly finished from the factory and which wet sanding and compounding had left a little “dull”

Dear Island Girl,
Well, finally the trawler topsides have been cleaned with IG Pink, dried and then coated with Mirror Hard SuperGlaze. Then wiped with special cloth you sent. Wow, if the boat looks this good in a couple of months I want to sell IG for you! Quite beautiful I must say. For routine washing can any boat wash
like Meguires do or should I stay with IG Pink in dilute solution? [Ed note: I replied that water diluted pink would be best and cheaper too as only a Squirt or two in a bucket was required].


David Jones, Cape Elizabeth, ME, July 7th, 2003

Your products are excellent in the way they work, especially the SEA GLOW™ (that opens the pores). The finish was great for a while, but when it got wet, it left water marks. However, when I rewaxed them and used the MIRROR HARD Superglaze™ the problem seemed to be solved. I would certainly recommend and use the products again.

David Jones

All services come as a package or a la carte, seasonally or as a one-time job.

We offer special incremental discounts if you schedule Spring, Fall and/or Summer waxings at the same time. All details include Dockboxes. Cockpit & fly bridge included in all wax maintenance services and programs.

Spring Detail

This detail includes onecoat of Island Girl MH Super Glaze wax from the water- line up to & including the fly bridge, chrome, decks, windows, and vinyl seats.

Summer Detail

This detail includes one coat of Island Girl MH Super Glaze wax on the topside. Chrome, decks and vinyl seats are included in this service.

Fall Detail

This detail includes one coat ofIsland Girl MH Super Glaze wax from the waterline up to & including the fly bridge, chrome, decks, windows and vinyl seats. more details...

On the hard Hull Waxing is a very popular a la carte service. You can have your boat protected with two coats of wax while it is still on land! Island Girl's Superior Cleaning Service can also perform other professional services best completed while on land, including boot stripe replacement and swim platform teak and/or varnish work. You will undoubtedly see what a difference this can make.

Please call Terry @ (340) 998-4715 for pricing and details

For information on interior detailing click this link


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