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Protect New Boat Finish,  Wash Boats Properly,
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Hello, I'm Terry Hudson, and I have personally detailed over
600 fiberglass boats including hypalon inflatable boats.

It's no wonder "1000's of boaters worldwide, use  the Island Girl™ system
of boat wax, cleaners, hull polish, UV sealer/protectant and boat cleaning
products with superior results... including me. 

Here's Why!

MIRROR HARD Superglaze™  applied July 27, 2007 on a four year old
Beneteau 473.
This boat has NEVER been polished with abrasives. MIRROR HARD™
was applied from almost new & the surface kept clean with water-diluted
ISLAND GIRL Pink™ Cleanser.  Boat still looks “Brand New!”
Kevin Elders, July 30, 2007

Same boat, same date:  ISLAND GIRL’s NON SKID SEALANT™ applied
to textured gelcoat deck areas after thorough cleaning with
ISLAND GIRL Pink™ Cleansing Lotion

Interior woodwork and custom counter top appearance and protection
enhanced by single thin coating of MIRROR HARD Superglaze™
Also 7 years from new.

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hold up and work as advertised? 
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Waxing your boat is a lot of work... that's why Island Girl boat detailing
products are formulated to give brilliant, long lasting results for any
type boat you may own.  Proven over and over to bead water and protect
your boat's hull for a full 12 months... or more.

Aren't long lasting, dazzling results exactly what you're after?

Have a new boat?  Keep your boat maintenance to a minimum. 
Remember, as soon as your new boat is exposed to the Sun's harmful effects,
gelcoat starts deteriorating. Protect your investment with Island Girls best
boat wax, Mirror Hard Super Glaze

Our marine wax brings old dull surfaces back to a brilliant, long
lasting luster lasting up to 10 to 12 months in the tropics and even
longer in cooler climates... all Island Girl products save you money
over the lifetime of your boat, due to their superior product formulation. 
the highest quality ingredients!

Will never ever crack, peel or yellow with age... EVER!

Protects your vessel's chrome and polished stainless from rust and the
elements... Use Island Girl Mirror Hard Super Glaze

Extends the life of canvas and carpet... with SilkNSeal.  Not Oily
like a well known famous brand product.

Environmentally friendly!  Made in the good 'ole USA!!

It's up to you now! 
You can simply and without breaking your back, use the world's best
boat detailing wax and bring your bass, ski, sport fishing, sail boat or
 inflatable tender back to life this weekend!

Island Girl™ Boat Wax and detailing products... are not just
another boat wax product... Island Girl is a complete boat
restoration solution and  cleaning system for any boat. 
oxidation from fiberglass surfaces... without removing gelcoat like
compounds do.

Have any questions about a particular problem concerning
your boats finish?  Call Terry right now @ 340-998-4715
Not available at your local boat store.  Sold only through independent distributors
and professional boat detailers.  Like your own distributorship? Lets Talk.

All The High Quality ISLAND GIRL Boat Detailing Supplies
and Products Are Shown Below

Yes! We take orders 24 hours a day,
7 days a week, 365 days a year!

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  Island Girl Pink Cleansing Lotion

Our multipurpose and safe remover/cleanser. It has unparalleled versatility and can be used either with or without water dilution (depending upon purpose). Removes spills from sealants, resins and paint, in addition to grease and grime. Use on virtually any surface, including non-skid decks, clothing, canvas and carpet. It can even remove completely cured 5200 sealant. Removes oxidation from plastics. With water dilution it replaces all "boat soaps", bilge cleaners and general detergents.

16oz. Bottle


Just $24.95 + S/H


  Simply Brilliant Superwax

Produces a mirror finish with out buffing or need for multiple coats or special applicators. The surface will not crack, peel, become yellow. Unlike conventional waxes all of the applied material is used in forming the the durable synthetic wax/resin coating. Coating will protect the underlying gelcoat with a water repellent film for up to a year. Also protects stainless against rusting. The Superwax coating will prevent return of chalkiness.  Achieve outstanding protection and gloss on hard surface countertop like Corian™, marble and granite.

12oz. Bottle
Enough for most 40 ft. boats


Just $74.95 + S/H



  SilkenSeal "Plastic Skin"

Stops the aging process of gelcoat, Hypalon, vinyl and related plastics on all boats. Prevents penetration of the surface by water and airborne grime. Neutralizes any stickiness of freshly cleaned older vinyl and prevents onset or return of vinyl gumminess. Stops the aging process of gelcoat, Hypalon, vinyl and related plastics. It prevents penetration of the surface by water and airborne grime.

12oz. Bottle


Just $19.95 + S/H

  Sea Glow Cleansing Lotion and Cleaner

Restores intense whiteness to your boat's aged white plastics that have become yellowed. Non-pastel (blue red, orange, yellow etc.) colors become luminously bright. The strong fluorescing agents exert further UV protection by diverting UV energy into the harmless visible light spectrum.

Click Here For Sport Shoe Cleaning Info

12oz. Bottle


Just $49.95 + S/H


  Mirror Hard Superglaze Wax

For NEW GELCOAT, painted surfaces, metal, chrome, sandblasted or polished metal, anodized aluminum, semi-hard plastics and more. Evolved from our SB Superwax but without the requirement for thickness and "filling" necessary on rougher (older gelcoat) surfaces. MH Superglazes's low viscosity resin goes on as a thin weatherproof film and forms a tough shiny surface that will not crack, yellow or peel. One bottle should be enough for a do a 35 foot boat!

12oz. Bottle

Just $74.95 + S/H


 MH image Time In A Bottle IG ELIXIR

The Island Girl single step oxidation remover/blocker, color illuminator, sealant and wax all-in-one product. Use on gelcoat, paintwork, and all rigid or semi-rigid plastics. Great result on all colors, but unique in protecting color of dark colored gelcoat.

16oz. Bottle

Just $89.95 + S/H


  Neutral Clear Cleansing Lotion and Conditioner

Impregnates underlying surfaces with clear and nourishing anti-aging conditioners. Maintain elasticity of soft plastics ( vinyl, hypalon, rubber) and restore depth and shine to dark-colored gelcoat. Also prevents deterioration and discoloration of underlying material caused by UV oxidation and by growth of mildew or algae. Can be used on any color of plastic.

16oz. Bottle

Just $49.95 + S/H


  Clear Horizons Optical Clarifier & Surface Armor

Non-abrasive and safe for lens coatings. Use on all glass and clear plastics. Unique resin- formula fills tiny imperfections to increase optical clarity and minimize glare, leaving a water and dirt resistant finish. Protects against oxidation and increases reflective brightness of chrome, polished stainless steel and glazed ceramics.  Great LCD, eyeglass, iPod cleaner restorer

$7.97 4oz. Bottle + S&H

Spectacular results when used on Plasma, Projection & HDTV Screens



  Non-Skid Sealant

Apply a coat to to clean, dry, "non-skid" gelcoat surface that has been cleaned and deoxidized by ISLAND GIRL Pink™. Forms a durable, silken surface that resists penetration by water and stains, but does not reduce underfoot grip. Easier to use than any other product.

12oz. Bottle

Just $34.95 + S/H

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Ultra Microfiber Towels
Great for Boats, Monitors, & Sunglasses!
Non-abrasive and Super absorbent

This miracle cloth will out polish, out shine, out dust, out wipe, and absorb more liquid than any other towel on the market. It's convenient 16x16 inch size is perfect for all applications.

Unlike ordinary cleaning towels that only move or push the dirt from one point to another, Microfiber actually "lifts" the dirt or stain from the surface, and then stores the dirt particles in the towel until washed.

16"x16" Blue/Green Only $3.25 + S&H

SAVE $10.55
Buy our Bakers Dozen... 13 towels for $31.70


16"x16" Random shipment of Blue/Green

Sports shoe collectors... get rid of those yellow soles and
clean up those white surfaces!

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